Snow & Ice Company Consulting Services

From independent operators to large-scale snow plowing companies, snow and ice management has become big business in the United States. In part because of the associated liability for snow and ice accidents. 

Private, commercial, and municipal property owners are looking to mitigate risks and reduce liability by hiring outside contractors to remove snow and ice. However, unwitting operators may be assuming far more risk than they can handle if they are not aware of the associated liability of accepting responsibility for snow and ice removal. 

Snow Business Consulting

From corporate formation (sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, LLC), to your choice of equipment and supplies, the depth of knowledge and experience at Allin / Rose can quickly pay for itself in cost savings and reduced lability. 

Snow Company Consulting: Business Formation 

Installing a plow on the front of your truck and handing out business cards is a recipe for disaster when it comes to starting a business. 

Reducing your risks in the event of property damage or a serious injury accident is best done before starting your business. At Allin / Rose, we can help you form your business in a way that reduces your business and personal exposure in the event of a serious incident. Without such planning, you could easily lose everything you own in the wake of a serious injury or property damage claim. 

In many cases, a limited liability corporation will be the best choice. This can protect personal and business assets while limiting a third-party’s ability to press a claim against you or your business. 

Snow Company Consulting: Equipment and Contracts

Here are just a few of the issues you should have a comprehensive understanding about: 

  • Equipment: Your choice of equipment can have a major impact on profitability as well as dictate what types of jobs you can handle. From a $1,500 plow bolted to the front of your pickup truck to heavy plow/dump trucks that cost $100,000 or more, the choices are both endless and complex. 
  • Materials: Your choice of ice melters can also have a major impact on costs, client satisfaction, and the potential for property damage to asphalt, concrete, or drainage systems, as well as personal injury claims associated with slip-and-fall accidents. 
  • Planning: Where and how you pile accumulated snow can have a real impact on everything from visibility, to runoff and drainage, to the property rights of neighboring landowners. Shoving the snow around as best you can is not a plan and could create hazards for which you will eventually be found responsible. 
  • Contracts: Properly formatted contracts are critical when it comes to protecting your business and your financial well-being. These should address liabilities and responsibilities in a way that best protects you from both property damage claims and litigation in the event of an injury accident. 
  • Hiring and operations: From who you hire to how you classify employees and earn income, these choices can have a major impact on everything from liability to tax obligations. 

A quick review of this short list illustrates how vital it can be to consult an industry expert when planning or operating a snow removal business. At Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., we believe our knowledge and experience pays for itself.

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