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Snow and ice removal is a billion dollar industry in the United States, in part because of the historic lack of planning during the design and construction phase. At Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., our snow and ice removal consultants have the knowledge and experience to help at every stage of the process, from planning, construction, and completion of your project, to ongoing snow and ice removal and mitigation plans, to expert testimony in the event of litigation over issues involving the removal of snow and ice.

Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., works with contractors on snowplowing projects, including airports, universities, large commercial properties, and multi-location accounts.  Facility and property managers also rely on Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., for Snow Response Plan consulting and specification writing. Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc. will make certain that specifications adhere to the efficiency for the snow contractor and safety for the property owner and/or manager of the property.

Snow Removal: Design and Planning

The best time to reach out to Allin / Rose Consulting Inc., is during the design and planning stage. A proper design that incorporates the needs and challenges of large scale snow removal can literally save millions of dollars over the life of a project. Many of the challenges related to snow piles, drainage, visual obstructions and ice accumulation can be solved in the planning stage rather than mitigated after construction.

Among the most common issues involved with snow and ice removal during design and planning include:

  • Selection of durable construction materials that can withstand freeze-and-thaw cycles as well as the application of ice melters.
  • Incorporation of areas meant for plowed snow accumulation that will have proper drainage, will not obstruct views or cause safety issues, and will not encroach on neighboring property rights by creating flooding or other hazards.
  • Purchase of the best, most economical, snow removal equipment and ice-melters for your particular application.
  • Compliance with federal, state, and local laws and ordinances to minimize risk and associated liability. From the Americans with Disabilities Act to your local city council, snow-removal laws and ordinances are surprisingly complex.

Annual Snow Response Plan

Developing a snow response plan is critical. However, equally critical is changing and improving your plan on an annual basis or as dictated by property issues that often arise after the fact.

At Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., our snow removal consultants have worldwide experience when it comes to establishing the proper protocols to dictate how to prepare for various weather scenarios at a variety of properties.

A proper snow response plan should:

  • Preseason inspection
  • Description of outcomes
  • Pretreating / Anti-icing
  • Pre-event communications
  • Planning for various storm scenarios
  • Determine priority areas
  • Weather monitoring process
  • Service verification process
  • In-event communications
  • Site inspections
  • Post-event communications
  • Incorporate the rights and responsibilities of property owners, managers and tenants
  • Meet the obligations imposed by federal, state, and local laws and ordinances
  • Mitigate liability
  • Improve safety of employees, tenants and guests
  • Mitigate long-term risks and maintenance issues, as well as the associated costs of upkeep and compliance
  • Take into account common issues involving visibility, drainage, accumulated ice, and neighboring property rights

Liability for Injuries Resulting from Ice and Snow

While the focus on reducing liability after an injury is understandable, the snow removal consultants at Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., know it is best done with proper planning by creating, maintaining, and updating a proper snow response plan.

Still, we are often consulted only after a serious or fatal accident has occurred to an employee, contractor, guest, or tenant.

We are often called upon by both plaintiff and defense teams, where our expert witness testimony is backed by more than half a century of experience working in some of the most frigid conditions in the United States and throughout the world.

If you are involved in litigation over snow and ice removal and do not contact us, there is an excellent chance we will be consulted by opposing counsel. Some of the most common issues involving snow and ice removal liability include:

  • Fall injuries: Whether from failure to act, ineffective removal, or indifference, snow and ice accumulation often results in fall injuries to employees, tenants, or guests.
  • Property damage: From traffic accidents caused by slippery conditions or obstructed views to property damages resulting from unplanned runoff or other design and construction issues, Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc. has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help build your case for damages or defend against resulting litigation.

When it comes to snow and ice management consulting, “You only need one, we are the best.”

Frequently Asked Questions

In Pennsylvania, ice management is crucial for maintaining the safety of properties and their occupants. Our services include anti-icing and pre-treating strategies that prevent ice formation, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and property damage. Regular ice management is essential for compliance with local safety regulations and to mitigate potential liabilities from ice-related incidents.
Hiring a professional consultant for snow and ice management brings extensive expertise and specialized knowledge to your project. Our consultants provide tailored snow response plans, ensuring efficiency and safety for property managers and owners. Professional consultation is invaluable for adhering to legal standards and minimizing risks associated with snow and ice.
Developing a comprehensive snow response plan involves several critical steps. Initially, we conduct a preseason inspection to assess the property and identify key areas of focus. Our plans are detailed, covering pre-event actions, storm scenario planning, and post-event evaluations. Each plan is crafted to address specific property needs, improving overall safety and operational efficiency during snowy conditions.
If you're looking to improve your property's safety and efficiency in handling snow and ice, Please reach out to us. We offer expert advice and comprehensive services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your snow and ice management practices are up to par with industry standards and local regulations.

Additional Information in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - Winter Services: Detailed information about PennDOT's readiness to manage nearly 40,000 miles of roads and 25,400 bridges against harsh winter conditions. It also encourages the public to prepare for winter travel, offering safety tips and resources to ensure safe and efficient transportation during storms
Erie County, PA - Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness Guide: Comprehensive guidelines and tips on how residents of Pennsylvania can prepare for and respond to emergencies and disasters including winter disaster. This might include information on creating emergency plans, understanding different types of potential emergencies, and preparing emergency kits.
National Weather Service - Winter Weather Forecast: Detailed forecasts for snowfall and ice accumulation, including probabilistic forecasts and safety tips for winter weather preparedness. The site aims to assist residents and travelers in the region with accurate and timely weather information to ensure safety during winter conditions.
511PA Travel Information - Travel Restrictions and Ban Framework: Outlines the specific conditions and protocols for travel restrictions and bans on Pennsylvania roads during severe weather or other emergency situations. It provides guidelines aimed at ensuring safety and minimizing disruptions, detailing the types of vehicles affected and the enforcement measures in place during such bans.
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