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Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., has worked with lawyers for years on both sides of the legal table, providing expert witness testimony for plaintiffs and defendants. They are qualified as expert witnesses on snow plowing in numerous states around the country, and regularly assist legal representatives in winter accident actions including slip-and-fall incidents on commercial sites involving snow and ice. Having worked in almost every state performing snow and ice management as well as doing expert witness cases, no one is better qualified to opine on whether involved parties have performed in an acceptable fashion before, during, and after a snow or ice event.
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Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., consults with contractors on snow plowing projects including airports, universities, large commercial properties and multi-location accounts. Facility and property managers also rely on Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., for snow response plan consulting and specification writing. Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., will make certain that specifications call for efficient state-of-the-art equipment, which allows the contractor or property manager to clear snow at the best possible price.
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A popular and internationally recognized speaker and seminar leader, John Allin has lectured about the snow and ice industry at industry trade shows all over the United States, Canada, Scandinavia, Europe, and Asia. He truly is a global snow expert.​

John and Lisa also facilitate one-day seminars, which are held at various locations across the country and/or online throughout the year. These one-day seminars feature comprehensive information about how you can set your company apart from your competition.
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ISO Gap Assessments

Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., provides a Pre-Audit Gap Assessment service for those contractors who seek to become certified by ISO in the area of snow and ice management. If you would like to learn more, visit Peggy Allin's page.
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