Peggy Allin

Peggy Allin


Expert in snow industry internal operations.

The Story of Peggy Allin

Peggy Allin runs and oversees the ISO Gap Assessment Program of Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc.  She performs Gap Assessments and Internal Audits for those going through the initial and recertification process for the ISO/SN-9001.

Peggy Allin has 40 years’ experience in the snow and ice management industry.  She has overseen Accounting, HR, and Operations functions of several large snow management companies.  Peggy has been a facilitator at Snowfighters Institute and is recognized as an expert in internal operations.  

Peggy was the first woman to achieve the Certified Snow Professional (CSP) designation from the Snow & Ice Management Association, Inc. (SIMA) and is certified through the Accredited Snow Contractors Association.  

Having owned and operated several businesses over the past 15 years, her business acumen and experience makes her specifically qualified to assist snow contractors who seek the ISO/SN9001 certification.  She guides contractors by solidifying “processes” within their company to make the transition to the ISO certification easier and smoother.

Why should I as a snow contractor care about ISO/SN9001?  How do I get certified?

The process of becoming certified can be quite puzzling to companies. We hear questions like:

“Where do I start?”

“What do I need to do?”

“How much work is it?”

“What will my company gain from being certified?”

​The ISO/SN9001 quality management system was developed in part to provide a standard that promotes industry-wide professionalism. It helps a company develop and maintain consistent, continuously improving processes that help ensure that customers receive the highest quality of care in their snow and ice management needs.  These documented and consistent processes can help a company become more streamlined as well as provide an improved and consistent service to their customers. More efficiency means more profit and being more competitive in your market!

Although only a few companies have attained certification so far, a far greater number have recognized the importance of becoming certified and have started the process. Depending on how well documented the processes in your company are the process can take anywhere from weeks to months.

​As a consulting firm, Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., can identify gaps in the documentation and process development required to pass an ISO9001 and SN9001 Audit.  Additionally, Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., can then help the company to fill in those gaps with the required documentation process needed.

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