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Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., is globally recognized as the foremost snow and ice industry consultants.

John Allin and Lisa Rose have spent over 50 years developing and testing snow management strategies in one of the most intense, lake-effect, snow-belt regions in the world: The south shores of North America's Great Lake Erie. As the cold Arctic and Canadian air whips across the lake, a snowmaking machine kicks in, stretching from the shores of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and into New York, dumping 150-300 inches of snow each season.

Alllin / Rose Consulting, Inc., works with property owners, managers, and contractors on snowplowing projects, including airports, universities, large commercial properties and multi-location accounts. Facility and property managers also rely on Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., for Snow Response Plan consulting and specification writing.

By working with both sides, Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., can assure both parties get a fair deal and still get the job done, no matter what pricing format is utilized (per truck per hour; per push; per season; per inch; etc.).

We are global snow experts, snow industry leaders, and snowplow consultants.
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Nationwide Snow and Ice Industry Consultants

Winter-weather planning and snow and ice mitigation and removal has become increasingly complex in recent years, both because of the wide range of options and the associated liability of snow-related accidents among employees, customers and guests.

The first snow rollers were used to compact snow and ice for sleighs beginning in the 1820s. By the 1840s, the first plows were hitting the streets. From those simple beginnings, snow removal has become a multi-billion dollar business operating under an incredibly complex array of federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.

Following a snowfall, snow and ice must be cleared from sidewalks, curb ramps and crosswalks to provide safe and accessible passage for pedestrians. This can create a host of challenges for pedestrian travel, including street plowing that blocks sidewalks and crosswalks, blocked drains that create ice and slip hazards, and wet and slippery conditions at building and facility entrances. Some municipalities have created laws and ordinances that govern the responsibilities of property owners to varying degrees.

Snow Removal Plans

When it comes to large construction projects, incorporating snow-removal plans into the design and construction phase can save millions of dollars compared to attempting to retrofit solutions. At Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., we work with municipalities; as well as public and private architects, planners, and construction contractors on projects ranging from airports to office buildings and shopping plazas. 

Common issues include: 

  • Pedestrian safety: Adequate drainage and areas designated for the accumulation of plowed snow. 
  • Planning and clarifying responsibilities for maintenance and snow-removal activities. 
  • Providing level-of-service guidelines and prioritization of facilities.
  • Outlining continued improvement and training guidelines. 
  • Mitigating risks and management costs.
  • Utilize electronic communications and social media to enhance outreach.
  • Ensure compliance with federal and state laws, as well as local laws, ordinances and best practices. 
  • Incorporate innovative and/or environmental sustainability practices that provide cost savings measures, foster efficiency of operations, and aid in efforts to preserve air and water quality.

Selection of snow removal equipment and ice melters that will best suit the needs of a particular application while minimizing the costs of acquisition and long-term maintenance that results from damaged or degraded hardscape and drainage systems.

Mitigating Liability: Responsible Snow Removal

While the Federal Highway Administration offers some guidance, including compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, state and local ordinances are even more likely to impact a property owner’s obligations as it relates to snow and ice removal. ADA guidelines specify that sidewalks have 36 inches of clear passageway. 

However, different municipal ordinances have varying degrees of detail for how best to achieve a safe clear zone for pedestrians after a snowfall. Some ordinances require the use of gravel, sand, or salt on ice to prevent slip hazards, while others do not specify treatments. Some ordinances specify the maximum allowable height of snow banks and where snow cannot be piled to insure proper visibility of pedestrians. Some jurisdictions require snow removal from specific features such as fire hydrants, benches, driveways and curb ramps.

Those who fail to comply may face daily fines. But liability for personal injury resulting from falls or other accidents is typically a leading consequence of inaction or improper action.

Common issues that result in personal or property liability claims include: 

  • Blocked sidewalks
  • Standing water that freezes to create a slipping hazard
  • Obstructed views that block pedestrian or driver vision

At Allin / Rose Consulting, Inc., our snow removal experts provide both snow and ice planning and construction consulting, as well as expert witness testimony in the wake of an accident or other claim of liability against a property owner.

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